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  1. DI-317  DI Open Enrollment E-mail Offer ($100 off)
    1. DI Reveal Flash with early morning park tour photo and $100 off open enrollment offer.

      Client: Chris Szydlo Final
      CURRENT VERSION index.html 9/24/2003
        SWF File version2.swf  
        FLA File Version1.fla  
  1. DEG-022  Mission Space Convention Ticket Promo
    1. Rocket launch introduces convention ticket message with link to Ticket Store.

      Client: Tori Eurton Final
      CURRENT VERSION index.html 8/27/2003
        SWF File version6.swf  
        FLA File Version5.fla  
        FLA File - Web VersionWeb.fla 10/1/03


  1. NO-REF  ConventionPlanIt.com Banner Ads
    1. Banner Ads promoting Coronado Springs and the Contemporary Resort for ConventionPlanIt.com

      Client: Jane Williams Final
      CORONADO VERSION 8/27/2003
        CSR SWF File bannerCSRBox.fla  
        CR SWF File    


  1. RESA-345  ICPA Orlando Event Invitation
    1. ICPA Invitation to Oct 31-Nov 2 Event at Yacht & Beach and Disney/MGM Studio

      Client: Cathy Seery Final
      CURRENT VERSION index.html 8/26/2003
        SWF File version16.swf  
        PHP Script snowMailPHP.php  
        FLA File version10.fla  


  1. RESA-344  ITME ESPN Club Chicago E-mail Invitation
    1. Baseball Mickey on a ticket catches ball.  Invitation to the 2003 ITME event Disney holds at the ESPN Club in Chigago

      Client: Rob Snelson Final
      CURRENT VERSION index.html 8/18/2003
        SWF File version7.swf  
        PHP Script snowMailPHP.php  
        FLA File Version2.fla  


  1. RESA-343  ITME ESPN Club Chicago Save-the-date
    1. 2003 ESPN Club Chicago event information.  Spinning Chrome D Save-the-date with invitee response form.

      Client: Rob Snelson Final
      CURRENT VERSION index.html 8/15/2003
        SWF File version7.swf  
        FLA File version3.fla  
        PHP File snowMailPHP.php  


  1. NO-REF  MPoint Plansoft Banner Ads
    1. Contemporary and Coronado animated GIF banner ads for the MPoint.com website

      Client: Jane Williams Final
      Final Coronado 8/11/2003
      Final Contemporary 8/11/2003
        CR FLA File bannerCRbgdimg.fla  
        CSR FLA File bannerCSRbgdimg.fla  


  1. RESA-340  Press Event 2003 E-mail Invitation
    1. Mission: Space themed invitation with invitee response form.

      Client: Anne Hamilton Final
      CURRENT VERSION index.html 8/26/2003
        SWF File version99.swf  
        FLA File Version99.fla  
        PHP File snowMailPHP.php  
        Youth Version youth.html 9/18/2003
        Military Version military.html 9/18/2003
        WDW Version wdw.html 9/18/2003


  1. RESA-338  Short Term E-mail Brochure
    1. Short Term Booking e-mail themed on printed piece G&C-211.

      Client: Anne Hamilton Final
      CURRENT VERSION index.html 7/22/2003
        SWF File version8.swf  
        FLA File Version7.fla  
        Unused Calendar Version flash.html  
        Calendar SWF File flash.swf  
        Calendar FLA File flash.fla  


  1. NO-REF  DEG Premiere Flash Invite
    1. Flash invitation to the DEG new Logo and name premiere

      Client: Chris Ambrose Final
      CURRENT VERSION degrevealgeorge.html 6/13/2003
      CURRENT VERSION degrevealrich.html 6/13/2003
        George SWF File degrevealgeorge1.swf  
        Rich SWF File degrevealrich1.swf  
        FLA File degrevealgeorge1.fla  


  1. RESA-306  DCL Meetings E-mail
    1. Flash has statements passing by revealing DCL ship and castle with pixie bridge.

      Client: Leisure Groups Final
      CURRENT VERSION index.html 6/11/2003
        SWF File dcl7.swf  
        FLA File DCL6.fla  


  1. NO-REF  Top Producer Invite - Resort Sales
    1. Invitation to top producers to lunch with AH. Spinning D Standard Invite.  Updated as needed.

      Client: Anne Hamilton Final
      CURRENT VERSION topprod.html 8/12/2003
        SWF File TopProdInvite.swf  
        FLA File TopProdInvite.FLA  


  1. RESA-307  Disney Institute International E-mail
    1. Slogans pass by revealing the MK Park at 7:30am with DI tour in progress.

      Client: Disney Institute Final
      CURRENT VERSION index.html 5/16/2003
        SWF File version10.swf  
        FLA File version10.fla  


  1. NO-REF  Disney Incentive Rewards SHRM
    1. SHRM Incentive Rewards Message

      Client: Emily Bell Final
      CURRENT VERSION - DI index2.html 5/2/2003
      CURRENT VERSION - DIR index.html 5/2/2003
        DI SWF File dirdakdi.swf  
        DI FLA File DIRDAKdi.FLA  
        DIR SWF File dirdak2.swf  
        DIR FLA File DIRDAK.FLA  


  1. NO-REF  Free PI Admission Offer
    1. Book a meeting by a cut-off date and get free PI admission for all your attendees

      Client: Executive Conferences Final
      CURRENT VERSION index.html 4/30/2003
        SWF File Invitation12.swf  
        FLA File Invitation11.FLA  


  1. NO-REF  Administrative Professionals Week Lunch Invite
    1. Invitation to lunch built on spinning D.

      Client: Amy Pfeiffer Final
      CURRENT VERSION index.html 4/18/2003
        SWF File invite.swf  
        FLA File invite.FLA  


  1. NO-REF  Leisure Groups Summer Rates Promotion
    1. Fun animations promote the special summer rates offered to LGS clients.

      Client: Leisure Groups Final
      CURRENT VERSION index.html 4/28/2003
      CURRENT VERSION - Canada canada.html 4/28/2003
        SWF File tickets9.swf  
        SWF File - Canada canada.swf  
        FLA File tickets3.fla  
        FLA File - Canada fticketscanada.fla  


  1. CTSALE-035  SHRM Dine-a-round E-mail (Video)
    1. Dine-a-round e-mail to SHRM with 60 second Epcot video. (Slow to load)

      Client: Tori Eurton Final
      CURRENT VERSION index.html 4/8/2003
        SWF File flash7.swf  
        FLA File flash7.FLA  


  1. RESA-295  Coronado Springs Expansion E-mail
    1. Coronado Springs themed announcement about the Coronado Springs Expansion coming in 2005.

      Client: Disney Institute Final
      CURRENT VERSION index.html 3/18/2003
        SWF File coronadov6.swf  
        FLA File coronadov6.fla  


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