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Fiscal Year:    2002   2003   2004   2005

  1. NO-REF  MPI Delegate Information E-mail
    1. Baseball Mickey on a ticket catches ball.  Invitation to the 2003 ITME event Disney holds at the ESPN Club in Chigago

      Client: Marketing  
      CURRENT VERSION index.html 12/06/2002
        CSR Video Page csvideo.html  
        Y&B Video Page ybvideo.html  
        SWF File mpi6.swf  
        FLA File MPI.fla  


  1. NO-REF  DWWS Meeting Planner Survey
    1. HTML Based survey of meeting planners and their potential use of the Sports Complex

      Client: Marketing  
      CURRENT VERSION index.html 8/18/2003
        Results File results.txt  
        Confirmation Page confirmpage.html  


  1. NO-REF  Potential Delegate E-Brochures
    1. Online brochures with links to pertinent information.

      Client: Marketing  
        Off-site offsite 8/16/2002
        Off-site No Tickets offsite 8/16/2002
        Onsite onsite 7/13/2004
        Onsite Boardwalk onsite 7/13/2004
        Onsite Contemporary onsite 7/13/2004
        Onsite Coronado Springs onsite 7/13/2004
        Onsite Grand Floridian onsite 7/13/2004
        Onsite Yacht & Beach Club onsite 7/13/2004
        Golf Page Golf 8/16/2002
        Dining Page Dining 8/16/2002
        Parks Page Parks 8/16/2002
        Tickets Page Tickets 8/16/2002
        Off-site FLA File offsite.fla  
        Onsite FLA File onsitev3.0.fla  
        Onsite BWK FLA File onsitevbwk.fla  
        Onsite CR FLA File onsitevcnt.fla  
        Onsite CSR FLA File onsitevcsr.fla  
        Onsite GF FLA File onsitevgfr.fla  
        Onsite Y&B FLA File onsitevybc.fla